Emergency Visa (on Holidays/Weekends)

Emergency Visa (on Holidays/Weekends)

The Consulate provides Emergency Visa Services on weekends and closed holidays. Such Service will be rendered only in emergencies arising due to death/serious illness of immediate family member of US Passport holders during the weekends/holidays or to attend personal urgent legal matters of self.

For availing the Emergency Service:

The applicant may call Consulate’s Emergency Number +1 917-815-7066

The designated Consulate official would ascertain the genuineness of the emergency and direct the applicant to visit CKGS website to fill visa form and pay fee online

Submit online visa application at CKGS website (https://www.in.ckgs.us) and send scanned copy of application along with all required documents (as mentioned in below list in .pdf format) to emergency Email ID of CKGS (emergencyvisa.holidays@ckgs.com) (attachment limit 3 MB per mail)

Based on receipt of duly filled in application along with required documents from the applicant, CKGS shall process the visa application and send it to the Consulate. If required, CKGS shall contact the applicant directly.

List of Mandatory documents for grant of visa on emergency basis:

Photograph (in white background) and signature in .jpg format only

Document (s) to establish the emergency

Proof of local address such as utility bills etc.

Certificate of renunciation of Indian citizenship or application for renunciation (wherever applicable).

Printed confirmed air ticket for India

US passport valid for at least six months (Copy of first two pages also to be attached)

Duly filled Additional Particular Form

In case of minor applicants, notarized parent authorization form, birth certificate and passport copies of both parents are to be attached

CKGS weekend services could be contacted at phone: 6312300075 and email: emergencyvisa.holidays@ckgs.com

In case of any issue, please contact Consulate’s Emergency No. +1 917-815-7066