Visa for individuals working in designated US Agencies or technology areas

Visa for individuals working in designated US Agencies or technology areas

Persons belonging to the above categories* applying for visa for India are required to submit their application at least two weeks in advance to enable timely process of their cases. This would come into effect from February 01, 2008.

Apart from submitting their passport and online visa application, the individuals shall be required to submit the following additional information: -

  • Full name:
  • Date and Place of Birth :
  • Field of study, occupation or specialization :
  • Recent research work/publications, if any :
  • Employment history (past five years) :
  • Current Employer’s contact address and phone number:
  • Purpose of visit to India :
  • Whether the visit is sponsored by USG :
  • Whether there is any official Government of India invitation:
  • Contact details of organizations to be visited in India (list each):
  • Applicant’s contact address and telephone number in India.


Conventional Munition

  • Nuclear Technology
  • Missile/Missile Technology
  • Aircraft and Missile Propulsion and Vehicular Systems
  • Navigation and Guidance Control
  • Chemical and Biotechnology Engineering
  • Remote Imaging and Reconnaissance.
  • Advanced Computer Material
  • Advance Composite Material
  • Information Security
  • Laser and Directed Energy Systems
  • Sensors
  • Marine Technology (submarines etc)
  • Robotics
  • Advanced Ceramics
  • High Performance Metals and Alloys and or with establishment engaged in Defence, Research, Nuclear, Space and Missile Technology