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General Information

Under the "Consulate@YourDoorstep" initiative, Consulate General of India, New York, is holding a Consular Facilitation Camp in different states under its jurisdiction. At the these Camps, the Consulate provides different Consular services as mentioned below directly to the applicants.

2. Indian Passport holders/US Passport holders who have applied for or are in the process of applying for Indian Passports/Visa/OCI Cards may come to the venue and get their applications/supporting documents per-approved before submitting to VFS. Applications with all supporting documents would be examined at the Facilitation Desk and per-approved for submission to VFS.

3. Misc. Consular Services which are rendered directly by the Consulate will also be rendered at Consular Camp including attestation of Document/affidavits/Power of Attorney. Application for issue of Birth Certificates/Marriage certificate/Police Clearance Certificates etc. will be accepted at the camp.


How to Request for Consular Camp ?: Interested organization are requested to visit our website and submit their request to organize Consular Camp through PRAMIT

Publicity : Organizers need to widely publicize the information on Consular Camp through local ethnic media, radio channels, with flyers, etc. to ensure a turnout of minimum 100-200 applicants. All communication material developed for distribution to promote the Camp should be sent to Consulate for prior approval.

Venue: Venue should be of a reasonable size with seating arrangement (depending on the number of applicants attending the Camp). Organizers have to arrange for Indemnity Insurance to cover the event and obtain all local permits as required. Consulate Staff needs access to the venue 30-45 mins before the camp to set-up the tables and properties etc.

Printing/Coping Facilities: Printing/Copying facilities shroud be arranged for the applicants to Print/Copy their forms/documents for submission.

Fees : It needs to publicized that for Misc. Consular Services the Consulate will accept money order/cashiers’ cheque in favor of Consulate General of India, New York (PERSONAL CHEQUES, CREDIT CARDS, DEBIT CARDS OR OTHER BANKING INSTRUMENTS ARE NOT ACCEPTED).

Notary : Availability of a Notary at the camp or nearby the, would make process faster for the applicants.

Computer with Internet facility: Applications for Passports/Visa/OCI/Renunciation services needs to be submited online with our partners M/S VFS before coming to facilitation desk at Camp. Desk officer at Camp will pre-approve the online submitted applications along with supporting documents.

Volunteers : Organizers need to arrange enough numbers of volunteers to guide applicants on venue as well as for queue management.

Other Logistics: Drinking water and washroom facilities, urgent medical assistance for the applicants in case of emergency at the camp site, clear outdoor signage for the Indian Consular Camp are required.


Application related to Passport/Visa/OCI/Renunciation

Visit below mentioned VFS website and apply online for Passport/VisaOCI/Renunication

For Passport : and for Visa/OCI/Renunciation :

Pay required fees online & Submit your application

Print your submitted application

Attached required documents as mentioned in Check list

Bring your application to venue of facilitation Desk at Consular Camp

Desk officer will check and pre-approve the application for submission to VFS

Submit physical copy of per-approved application along with required documents to VFS center by Walk-in or Mail/Post :


(Passport/Visa/OCI/PIO/Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Department)

145 W 45th Street 3rd Floor New York, New York 10036

Application related to Misc. Services

(i.e. Attestation of documents,/Power of Attorney/Life Certificates/Birth Certificates/Marriage Certificate/Police Clearance Certificates applications etc.)

Please visit our website to apply and to know more about (i.e. Fees, Document required etc.) different Misc. services offered by Consulate (Click here).