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Development of Mobile App. for CGI, New York.

Consulate General of India

New York





                                                                                              Date: Dec 16, 2021

            Sub : Development of  Mobile App. for CGI, New York.

                                                The Consulate General of India, 3 East 64 Street, New York, NY 10065 invites bids for developing a mobile App. for Consulate General of India, New York. The mobile app. should cater to all major users of smart devices i.e. iOS and android users. The bids should include all the expenses for developing mobile app. The terms & condition for interested bidders as mentioned below : 

Job Specifications/ Parameters 

i) The project is inclusive of developing a Mobile App for CGI, New York and updation the content on regular basis. The App should work on all versions of Android and Apple operating software.

ii) No hardware shall be provided by CGI, New York. The source code etc. should be shared  With CGl, New York and would constitute property of CGI, New York.

iii) The Bidding Company is required to deposit an amount of US$ 3000 as Bid Security in the  form of Bank Guarantee. The bidding company should have adequate financial strength to  provide Bank guarantees as stipulated.

iv) The Bidding Company must provide documentation to show that it has personnel of adequate qualifications for developing a mobile app.

v) The bidding company shall adhere to all local laws applicable in United States, including on employment of staff, banking operations, insurance, payment of local taxes, etc.

vi) The Bidding Company should be directly involved in developing the App and should not leave it to the local partner on a royalty or commission basis or any other such arrangement. If such an arrangement is noticed, the Consulate has the right to terminate the Contract.

vii) The Bidding Company must certify that the company is not involved in any unlawful or illegal activity. The bidder must also certify that the company has not come to the adverse notice of  law enforcement agencies in the US or elsewhere. The personnel involved in developing the  App should not been convicted of any criminal offence or on charges of bribery, corruption or  fraud. 

viii) The Bidding Company should indicate the quote price inclusive of VAT and local taxes in US Dollars.

ix) The Mission reserves the right to amend the terms at any time prior to the deadline for receipt of bids. Any such amendment will be issued by the Consulate and will be intimated to the Bidding Companies.

x) Mission has the right to terminate the tender process at any stage before awarding the contract without assigning any reasons.

xi) Mission has the right to terminate the contract if during the review process, it is found by Mission that the services rendered by the company did not meet the standards of quality and efficiency of the services expected of the bidding company.

Penalty Clause

i) Any violation of the terms and conditions mentioned in this Tender shall entail imposition of penalties on the bidding company by the Consulate. All penalties should be paid at the Consulate General of India, New York by way of deposit to the Bank Account of the Consulate.

ii) lnducements: Any act by the bidder tantamount to offering an inducement or threat of any kind to the officers of the Consulate in relation to obtaining or in connection with this tender will disqualify that bidder from being considered for the tender process.

          Interested parties are welcome to contact the Consulate to assess the scope of the work before submission of their bids on any working day till Jan 07, 2022 between 0900 hrs and 1730 hrs. Please send an e-mail to hoc.newyork@mea.gov.in  or contact via telephone number (212)-774-0615 in case of any questions. All Interested companies may e-mail their quotes at hoc.newyork@mea.gov.in or send by post at the following address latest by Jan 07, 2022 :



Head of Chancery

Consulate General of India

3 East 64 Street New York NY 10065.

Last date of submission of bids is Jan 07, 2022