Visa for Diplomatic/ official/ Laissez-Passers Passport Holders

Visa for Diplomatic/ official/ Laissez-Passers Passport Holders

Applicants should fill in the application form online and approach the Consulate directly with the completed application form, two photos and following documents. The visa is gratis and issued as per normal norms. Kindly check the Consulate working hours.

1. Applications for Diplomatic and Official Passports may be filled up online at A print out of the application form, along with other documents may be submitted directly in the Consulate.

2. This form is to be used by Official/Diplomatic/UN LP Passport holders only. It will not be accepted at VFS GLOBAL.

3. All Official/Diplomatic applications must be submitted along with a Letter from Department of State Note Verbale from concerned Mission

4. Fill and attach the Additional information form

5. Fill and attach the following form

6. Letter of invitation from Indian agencies in case of bilateral visits

7. The passport should be valid for a minimum period of 180 days and must have two (2) blank pages in which one page is required for affixing the visa sticker and another page will be used by immigration officer at the airport for entry and exit stamp from India.

8. Two Passport size photographs.