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Tourist Visa

The Government of India has decided to restore all valid regular paper /e-visa [including long term 10 years tourist regular paper visa and 5 years e-visa] irrespective of its issue date, for the nationals of USA since 16 March 2022. Fresh issue of regular paper long term (10 years) tourist visas has also been restored for nationals of USA.

Maximum stay by a foreigner in India on an e-Tourist visa or regular paper Tourist visa or both in one calendar year shall be restricted to 180 days. Foreign nationals will not be allowed to enter India through land routes on e-Tourist Visa/regular paper Tourist Visa.

It may be noted that it could take up to 5 business days (longer in certain cases) for processing of the visa on receipt of the application in the Consulate, subject to complete submission of documents.

New York
23 June 2022