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eCentralized Consular Service System (eCCSS)


 eCentralized Consular Service System (eCCSS)

Government of India has decided to launch a centralized online system for Miscellaneous Consular services such as Attestation/Power of Attorney etc. Consulate General of India, New York has been chosen as one of the Posts for implementation of the pilot phase of this online system. It may please noted that in view of this, the process for obtaining Miscellaneous Consular Services at CGI, New York will be different from other Indian Consulates/Embassy in USA.

  1. After July 1, 2020 the procedure for availing various Miscellaneous Consular services at CGI, New York will be as follows:-
    1. Registration and creation of user ID on the website
    2. Using User ID applicant can apply for the required service. Users can also avail multiple services with the same User ID.
    3. On selection of the service, the required documents for availing the services need to be uploaded by the applicant on the portal. Applicants can also view     the required documents and fees even without registering for the service.
    4. On successful submission of the documents, an electronic acknowledgment will be received by the applicant.
    5. After scrutiny of the documents by the Consulate the applicant will receive a confirmation for payment of fees.
    6. The fee may be paid through Cashier’s cheque/Money Order/Demand Draft drawn in favour of Consulate General of India, New York. Fee has to be made in two separate cheques. One for Service fee and other for ICWF Fee.
    7. Due to Covid-19 pandemic verification of originals cannot be done in person. On receipt of confirmation for payment of fees, the applicant is required to send original application, fee, notarized copies of the documents and a return envelope. The notarized copies of the documents will be matched and verified  with the uploaded documents. On verification of the same, service will be provided to the applicant.
    1. Please note that no walk-in consular services will be provided at the Consulate General of India, New York.The Miscellaneous Consular Services will only be processed through the online portal and postal method.
    2. Any queries in this regard may please be addressed through PRAMIT available on


    New York
    July 1, 2020