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Book Talk "Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer's"


Book Talk “Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer's”

To mark the International Day of Yoga 2018, Consulate General of India, New York will be hosting Curtain Raiser events that touch on the importance of Yoga and meditation in everyday life.

2. The series will open with a Book Talk on Holistic Measures and Cognitive Disorders from Why Buddha Never Had Alzheimer's” by Dr. Shuvendu Sen and Dr. Gary Kaplan. The event is scheduled for April 12, 2018.

3. Dr. Shuvendu Sen (Director, Medical Education, Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency at Raritan Bay Medical Center, Hackensack Meridian, NJ) will speak on the importance of regimens such as meditation and yoga in the cure and care in Alzheimer’s dementia. Using case histories from his patients, and studies from some of America’s top medical institutions, he will also examine the benefits of music therapy, virtual reality, touch therapy, and holistic medicine.

4. Dr. Gary Kaplan (Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology, Hofstra University School of Medicine, NY) is the founder of The Kaplan Center for Integrative Medicine. Speaking on the subject, he will describe how meditation may be able to help heal the brains of people who suffer with depression, anxiety disorders, and chronic pain.


New York

April 09, 2018