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Clarifications / Additional information on Emergency Visas

Consulate General of India

New York


Clarifications/additional information on Emergency Visas: Applicable to residents in the jurisdiction of CGI New York namely the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts , New Hampshire, New Jersey , New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont.

Emergency Visas: Emergency Visas are accepted only for genuine Emergencies relating to death and serious illness/hospitalization cases and granted during regular hours on working days and on Saturdays between 10 AM to 3.00 PM( after discussing with the Visa Officer). Emergency Services are available only for Tourist Visas ( 6 months validity) to US Nationals staying within the states covered by the Consulate General of India, New York.

  • Emergency Visas can be applied directly to the Consulate. Application is to be generated online ( please log on to "" and choose application for regular visa and not Electronic Visa and skip the payment portion).
  • The processing time for issue of Emergency Visas is around 2 to 3 Hours. Applicants are requested to ensure that they reach the Consulate well in time on working days with the completed application forms and along with all the required documentation. In the absence of complete application or documentation, it will not be possible for the Consulate to issue Emergency Visas the same day.
  • The fees payable for Emergency Visas is $ 203 ( payable in cash).
  • Applications made with outsourced partners M/s Cox & Kings will be granted only on the next working day).
  • Applicants may visit "" for guidance before applying.

In case of any doubt on the documentation required/process please contact:

1. CONS (CPV) : 212 774 0617 /

2. ACO (Visa) : 212 774 0640 /