List of American Companies involved in trade complaints by Indian Companies Commerce & Eco

List of American Companies involved in trade complaints by Indian Companies

Consulate General of India

New York


Indian Importers may like to peruse the list of the following unscrupulous companies which have come to the notice of the Consulate General of India in New York and refrain from engaging with them:-

  1. M/s Knittex Enterprises Ltd, Union City, New Jersey
  1. M/s Textiles Decor Inc., New Jersey
  1. M/s CNS Jmd Gems Inc., New York
  1. M/s Excel Distributor, New Jersey
  1. Busy Bubbles LLC, Rhode Island
  1. Fashion Warehouse & Amanat Fashion Corp. (Lara Logistics), South Plainfield, New Jersey
  1. New York & Company, New York
  1. QTALK Publishing LLC, New York
  1. Intex Tunisia 2020 commerce Fair (Organized by B Group US LLC), Brooklyn, New York
  1. AWS Garments LLC, New Jersey
  1. M/s. Diana Fabrics, New York
  1. International Fabric Manufacturing, New York
  1. Go Home Ltd., New York
  1. M/s. Rachman Paper Inc., New York
  1. Worldwide Shipping, New York
  1. Poly Maven Inc (aka BSD Pack LLC), Brooklyn, New York
  1. Carjud Trading, Bronx, New York
  1. M/s Destination Maternity Corporation, New Jersey
  1. MCC Non- Ferrous Trading LLC, New York
  1. Terani Couture, New York
  1. Sollers College, New Jersey
  1. Sakory Inc., New York
  1. AC Moore, New York
  1. M/s Nina Mclemore Inc., New York
  1. Westport Lines Inc., New York
  1. HMS Productions, New York
  1. Revise Clothing, New Jersey
  1. Mr. Christopher Norton, CLN Distributions, New Jersey
  1. United States Recycling Management, Connecticut
  1. 21st Millenium Inc, New Jersey
  1. SantaFe Leather Corp/ Clava, New Jersey
  1. CNS Jewellers Inc., New Jersey
  1. Winter Water Factory, New York
  1. Whispers Fashion NY Inc, New York
  1. Interups Inc., New York
  1. Mr. Maurice Hazan, QTALK Publishing LLC, New York, USA